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Want to become always young look? evergreen!

www.gebin.net given me chance be the co-author, so this is my first post. Thanks.

want to become always young look?

Everybody likes to become young. sure if you are old and old look I can't make you young. But if you are young and young look, i can make you to look young till even your 60s.

First thing I am not looking money or famous. In 1985-86 a Sadhu (monk, from Anandasram) told me this HACK of medicine (very simple) and told me don't sell this.

Those days every Wednesday I used to meet him in his asram. And those days my interest on learning about herds I told him. he told me many tricky usage of herbs. among one.... he told to how to be young always.
Beginning i was doubting to his word so I tested this herbs on one of my home helper, many months later I took myself, Miraculous...
I am 43 years old now, people say i wont look 43.  :)  right now we are in Bangalore anybody from Bangalore can meet me ( not for preparing this medicines or that type of help, of course I have a good collection of Brahmi I can give some without pay.

Now, need to collect three items.

1. Brahmi (10 grams) is a herb (available everywhere, do a google search you will get lots of info, )
2. Banyan Tree Tender aerial roots he told me get 6 inches long tender one, but possible take from the northern side of tree ( i don't know what idea behind but i did)
3. five leaves of Tulasi (Krishna tulasi, i.e. black color one)  thats all need for this hacking of herbs (as yam leaves uses for salt-mixer ask me more)
Don't jump to get.... the last part... this three things we have to take in empty stomach as raw, in the early morning preferably before sunrise, once lifetime. ( But I used to take later also brahmi herb alone once in a week or once in two weeks.

Thats all.  I didn't give to many people this medicine, only few but they also says it is working...

working fine, very good, ..... unlike other comments, I don't expect a comment for this post. Because it needs time to tell this is working or not. One thing I am sure these three herbs have no side effect- anybody can take in . I  Guarantee.
Try once...


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