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Mental Math Tricks Play with 9, 99,999..

Many students math can be nightmare. The attitude towards the maths will change this scary figure. Feel always that Maths is simple and easy. Yes maths is fun and it is easy if you apply our mind. I have listed below few mental tricks to hopefully improve your general knowledge of maths and it will help you speed up when you need to do math in your mind.

When you do multiply by 9, or 99, or 999 or even 9999...

Multiply by 9 is really multiplying by 10-1. Anybody notice this? Yes.  It is true. So, 9×9 is just 9x(10-1) which is 9×10-9 which is 90-9 or 81. Let’s try for a harder sample: 46×9 = 46×10-46 = 460-46 = 414. One more test:  68×9 = 680-68 = 612. And Whenever you multiply by 99, you multiply by 100-1. I will put this into another way that A×99 is as above explained A×100-A thats all. So any, 46×99 = 46x(100-1) = 4600-46 = 4554. Also same way Multiplying by 999 is similar to multiplying by 9 and by 99. 38×999 = 38x(1000-1) = 38000-38 = 37962. This practice will help everyone improve the mental calculation of every maths activities.


Multiply by 4 and 5

It is so easy with a simple trick we can easily multiply with 4 and 5 in your mind without paper or pen. How it can be? below given trick keep it always in your mind.

when want to multiply By 4

Just double the number and then double it again. (That is in maths aX2X2=aX4)
example: If you want to 250 multiply by 4, we do this way, doubling 250 will be 500. Again double the 500 is become 1000. (Mathematical tricks)
That is 250X4-1000. This can be done in your mind.

Same way

when you want to multiply By 5

Divide the number in 2 and then multiply it by 10.  (a/2X10=aX5)
Example: If you want to 100 multiply by 5, we do this way, divide the number 100 by 2 that is 50 and multiply with 10. Multiply by 10 again easy. Add one zero right side of the digit i.e. 50 adding a zero it will become 500. How easy!
Often this also can be done quickly in your mind.


Multiplication Table

Multiplication alwasys can be very tricky, especially when the time you have to work the answer out in your head. List about three different way that will help you and your friends learn your multi~plication tables.

This is the question how good are you at doing at your multiplication table? We all will need lots of helps learning them and do. But this takes a lot of pract_ice. You have  always remember table-are  then you have to pract_ice every day. With this knowladge hunt you will have to learn some groovy way to remember your tables, play some great great game & by the end you will be able to do on your way to being a super times great table whiz.
Multi plication - The Basics

Baseballl math-facts
F acts about multiplying
L earning-about-multiplying
C oncen tration


Problem with Maths

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Maths tips and tricks1

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