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The Breath of God: Identifying Spiritual Energy

Victor J. Stenger (author)
Good article on spiritual energy.

If other forms of en=ergy exist beyond those recognised by physics, these should still be detectable in controlled experiments by the observation of apparent violaton of energy conservation. This includes the psychic=energy associated with paranormal phenomena, the vital energies supposedly manipulated in alternative mediceine, and even supernatural or spiritul=energy. So far all the data are consistent with conservation of the known forms of energy.
Furthermore, observtions indicate that the total energy of the universe is zero, and so no outside energy was necessary to bring it about.
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Biblical Coins

In the Holy Bible mentioned a who dropped all her savings in the offer box. Widow’s Mite Biblical Coins Leptons Prutahs Cornucopias. The “Widow’s Mite” Biblical coin refers to the story of the poor widow whom Jesus Christ commended in the Temple for having given all she had, two “mites”. It is interesting if the same coin is available, to own the same one. These same widow’s mite coins, now over 2,000 years old, are available to purchase and own today. Click here to view the excellent selection of lepton and prutah variety of Widows Mites coins.



The Book of Thomas - The Gnosis

A good article about one who suppose to follow:

One of the famous texts uncovered in the Egyptian desert, The Book of Thomas the Contender expresses a great deal of Gnostic wisdom. As with all of the written documents in the genuine mystical traditions, the story has multiple levels of meaning. The least important meaning is the literal one: that is, the historical or literal circumstances of the story. This of course, is all that most people see. The real meaning of the text can only be understood when one penetrates into the symbolic or hidden part of the story. Mystic
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Guide to Single ladies - Woman's Saintly Predestination

A good article for Single ladies who preparing to get married..... (from last para the article quoted here) So then, single ladies must think a lot about how to select a husband, a partner. It is indispensable that one should know how to wait. The creative energy of the Third Logos lives and palpitates in all of creation, in all that exists, and to each woman is given a man, he who belongs to her by Law. However if the single ladies persist in marrying for the sake of marrying, they will then add a lot of pain to their lives... must read!
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REACH and TEACH each OTHER: Spiritual Energy