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A learning resource for Hindi students

The Devanagari Script Tutor was created in 2001 to help Hindi students familiarise themselves with the script. Its aim is to intr0duce students to Devanagari and to dem0nstrate how it is written and pron0unced.

The tutor is widely used in schools, colleges and Universities around the world to accompany course materials, such as the reknowned 'Beginners Hindi Script' and 'Teach Yourself Hindi'



Help! My Kid Can't-Do Homework

It was my long time search to find out a site were  i can get  place all info.

Homework help sites giving back ground on learning style and study skill. Include spec ific ways to get homes work done and actually learn from it. "How to Confront the Teacher" page givves Dos and Don't for good parent and teacher relation.

one you try this Help! My Kid Can't - Do Homework

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