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Grading System CBSE Class 10 Board exams made optional

No exam ..... No exam .... a good news for students!

But the value of educational system?.... up? ....down? ....lets review...

It was announced today Monday 01 Sept 2009, Human Resource Development Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal that, from the current academic year, the tens of thousands of students studying in Class 10 need not appear for board exams — the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) Class 10 examination has been made optional.

Making this announcement HRD Minister Mr. Kapil Sibal announced: "The CBSE Class 10 examinations are optional from the 2009-10 academic year."

"I have said this earlier too," Sibal added after the 56th meeting of the Central Advisory Board on Education (CABE) here, attended by education ministers and officials from states.

He continued that the examination will give way to a Introducing grading system and students would be evaluated throughout the year.

Human Resources Development ministry officials believe this move would help relieve the stress of students and their Parents.

Officials said every school, which have Class 11 and 12, need not conduct the Class 10 exams, at the same, schools with classes till standard 10 may conduct the board exams.

Under the grading system, students would be given grades like A+, A, B, C, D and E.


Qualities of a Teacher

The learning process is the core of the education process, and teachers are one of the major holders in the development and progress of education. Main task of a teacher is to educate, teach, guide, because that is the responsibility of teacher. The success of the education is in teachers hand. A Teacher we can compare  as responsible driver who drives a bus, would go the destination and face every troubles meet on the way, the  driver will reach bus with the travelers safely to destination, with calm and responsibility. Therefore, to become a driver through education and training as well as special features with special expertise as a teacher.

Similarly, as a teacher, the learning process to be successful and to improve the quality of education, the teachers who needed to understand profession, and of course teachers who have insight knowledge and skills so that makes the learning process is active, the teacher is able to make the atmosphere of innovative, creative, and fun.

To become professional teachers also need training and education and special education. Changes in the role of the teacher who has great knowledge and the knowledge and skills changer, and is the only source of learning, the role changed to become leader, builder, teacher, and trainer. In learning activities, teachers will act as a facilitator, be familiar with the full responsibility, and treat students as partners in the quarry and process information for the purpose of learning that has been planned. Heavy responsibility for the employment of teachers should require special expertise.

For the teachers' work can not be done by any person outside the field of education, the teaching profession so that the most easily affected by pollution by outside. Once the teacher do wrong, it will affect the education world, so once a teacher teach to children, it will be impacted and to a generation. Teachers in the profession faces the task of implementing the various options, such as the way how the most appropriate material to study, what the most appropriate method of presentation how the most effective tool, what steps the most efficient source of learning which the most complete, system evaluation is the most appropriate, and so forth.
Teachers have autonomous tasks, teachers are given flexibility to manage the learning process, what should be done by teachers, and teachers must be able to determine the choice by considering all relevant aspects of the achievement or support purpose. In this case, the teachers act as decision makers. Teachers as stakeholders in the operational and must be mentally prepared and to be professional improvement, because only with the performance they can be effective, and the effective performance of the goal can be achieved.
The definition of professionalism here is the ability and skills of teachers in planning, conducting and teaching skills of the teachers to plan and carry out evaluation of student learning. Given the importance of teachers' professionalism in achieving the main goal of education on the scale institutional level, the need of training and professionalism of teachers, so that research results can be obtained and that can be used as an input in making and implementing policy in the field of education especially at primary school level up to middle-both public and private.
The various efforts have been made by government to improve the professionalism of teachers efforts are realized through a variety of training. Motivation to encourage others who need to be various forms of education and training, because that information is still many areas that have not made the education and training of teachers as a fundamental requirement. Even still we have heard the teachers who had not even follow the education and training, especially the teachers on duty in remote or marginal areas. Studies should be performed or whether the study is the relationship between the training and professionalism of teachers in the running duties and responsibilities as a teacher in and outside the classroom. One of the aspects for the professionalism increase teachers job gives satisfaction and happiness in the running tasks and responsibilities that in education.


REACH and TEACH each OTHER: Teacher