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Methodology - Standard Format for Thesis & Dessertation

Printing Guidelines

Paper quality

The original copy of the thesis should be printed on 8-1/2 x 11 inch acid-freae paper, which can be purchsed at any stationary shops. This is the copy which will be bound for the Archives. Two extra sheets to be used as end sheets for binding are to be turned in with the original copy. If you submit the Library copy may be printed on 25% rag paper or acid-freae-paper.

Follow the typeface

Computer fonts which contain at least ten spaces align or characters to the inch, such as MS Courier (11) or MS Times New Roman (12), should be used. Some computer offer smaller or bigger type, as well as many kind of  proportional fonts. These should not be used for thesis. A print-quality printer is also required.

Rules of Margins.

The margins for the body of the or your writing shall be: 1 1/2 inches on the left and 1 inch on the right, top, and bottom. Following the regulations for spacing of chapter headings and paging as outlined in form and Style or the Publications.

Spacing specimens

The entire dissertation must be double-spaced and always with this below exceptions: Titles of the Chapter and headings, table and figure captions, foot notes, reference list items, and block quotations. 

Block quotations should be used for quotes that are 5 or more lines in length (3 or more for poetry), and are indented only from the left margin. There should be no partially filled pages except at the end of chapters. (At least 2 lines of text must follow a heading at the bottom of a page. If there is no sufficient space the heading must be moved to the top of the next page.)

Page Numbering.

The numbers should be kept in the upper right hand page corner, flush with the right margin, preceded immediately by the surname of the Author. Preliminary page Nos. are lower case Roman numbers centered at the bottom of the page.

Justification of alignment

Right-hand justification may only be used if all within-word and between-word spacing remains uniform. Left-hand justification is preferred.

How Hyphenation

No more than two lines in succession should end in hyphens and a hyphen should never end a page.

Words should be divided only between syllables. Some words, such as names, should not be hyphenated (Form and Style notes other exceptions which you should follow). If in doubt, it is better not to hyphenate.

Careful - Order of Pages

* Blank Page (not counted)
* Preliminary Pages, counted in Roman numbers as follows:
o Title Page (counted as page i, not counted)
o Blank Page (counted as page ii, not counted)
o Copyright (counted as page iii, not counted)
o Acceptance, disclaimer, and permission (not counted or numbered)
o Abstract Title Page (not counted or numbered)
o Abstract (not counted or numbered)
o Table of Contents (counted and numbered as iv, etc.)
o Lists of tables/figures/plates (counted and numbered)
o Acknowledgment (counted and numbered)
o Preface (counted as page one and numbered one, etc.)
* Body (counted and numbered in Arabic numbers)
* Appendices (counted and numbered)
* Bibliographies (counted and numbered)
* Clearance Forms for quantitative research projects (counted and numbered)
* Blank Page


There are 2 basic systems of documentation:

I) notes and bibliography, and
II) parenthetical reference with a list of works cited. If the notes and bibliography format are used, if the author may choose either footnotes or endnotes. Endnotes are to be placed at the end of the thesis, it is not at the end of every chapter.

Note: Exception to Form and Style: If parenthetical referencing is used by the author, prepare a full bibliography, that is not just a list of works cited.

Note: If parenthetical referencing is used and an explanatory note is needed, use a footnote, that is not an endnote.


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