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Spinach Leaf Dosa

Have you heard about this Spinach Leaf Dosa? It is easy to make.

Ingredients we need: Rice-1/2  kg, Sugar- 4 spoons, Fenugreek seed-1 spoon, Butter milk - 200 grms, Onions - 2 nos, Ghee -1/2 tumbler, Green chillies - 3 nos, Salt - to taste, Spinach leaf  - 2 bundles

Method Of Preparation is so easy:

Wash the rice and fenugreek seed well and soak them in curd for 3 hrs. After the rice is soaked well grind it in a wet grinder and prepare the batter. Put the batter in a vessel,add salt,sugar, chilli and close the vessel for an hour duly mixing.

Remove the stalksof Spinach and separate leaves.Then cut into small pieces, cut the onions also. Afterwards put the pan on the stove and when it is heated smear ghee and pour dosa batter. After dosa is bake keep Spinach leaves and onions on dosa, fold it and roast further. Remove the dosa after due roasting and put in a plate along with tomato chutney.

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