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Summer Vacations

Exam are getting over. Summer vacation starts!  what is your plan for Summer Holidays? What are going to do this days. Because don't waste time siting at home idle and do nothing. Hasitha and me going to join for Summer Camp in our  School. It is always nice to join any one or two activities  during  holidays. Last year  I  joined  Karate,  Clay modeling, and swimming. It helped me a lot. Also getting new friends, new team, it is always nice. There are many interesting Events like Swimming, Cricket, Horse riding, Roller Skating, Yoga, Hindustani Vocal, Physical Fitness Training, Clay Modeling, Painting, Music, Dance, Theatre Class, Karate etc.... What I say utilize our time don't be idle.

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Tripti March 12, 2009 at 7:47 AM  

Good Message Gebin Somebody help or you did it yourself.

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