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Elementary Music Theory

The Musical sounds are given names so that we may distinguish one from the other. Their common  names  are Do, re, mi, fa, si or in  English  C, D, E, F, G, A, B,* The symbols used to indicate these sound are called Notes.
Normally,five parallel horizontal lines,called the staff, are employed for expressing these notes on paper. These notes are written either on or in between the lines.

The notes on each line and space indicate a different pitch.The pitch difference between the notes is expressed in terms of tones. The names of the notes depend on a sign called Clef. The Clef is put at the beginning of the staff, of the many types of clefs, the most commonly used are the Treble or G clef and the Bass or F clef. The note written on the line on which G clef starts is G. Similarly the note on the line on which F clefs starts is F. The rest of the notes are calculated from these.


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