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a.Dengkwfwr - Vowels ( Garang hangkw ) a,e,i,o,w,u.
Bibungsar - Pronunciation
a - is pronounced like in English a in father ; as, afa - father: ada - elder brother:
e - is pronounced like e in beg: as, emao - yeast: emfou - insect:
i - is pronounced like i in give; as, bilai - leaf: be - he: gi - to fear:
w- is pronounced like o in nation : as,gwdw - past: gwka - bitter:
u - is pronounced like u in full: as, gusu - cold: guar - wide:
b) Dengkw jora - Diphthong

ao, ai, eo, ou, wi, ui,

Example: Bidinti. rao - voice, language; baira - outside: rai - to speak, to scold: mai - paddy:
eo - to plough: geo - be open: roi - to tire : roina - an implement for scooping paddy:
ou - yes: oua - bamboo : gou - swarm of bee: wi - abwi - grand mother : fwi - come:
ui - kurui -bowl: gurui - soft:

c) Consonants - bwdwnfwr ( kourang hangkw)
b, d, f, g, h, j, k, l, m, n, p, r, s, t, y.

Pronunciation - Bibungsar:

b - is pronounced like the English b in boy; as, bo - to spread cloth, leaf etc. : boba - dumb: bod - sense :
d - is pronounced like the Eng. d in dog, as, dob, - to bend : doba - pool :
f - is pronounced like the Eng. ph (f) in force; as, forai - to read : fojo - to break :
g - is pronounced like the Eng. g in goitre, as, goblong - hole : gorai - horse :
h - is pronounced like the Eng.h in horse, as, hom - to cook before the vapour: hogar - to set free :
j - is pronounced like the Eng. j in join, as, jorai - to join : fojo - to break :
k - is pronounced like the Eng. k (kh) in coin, as, kob - clap : kodal - spade :
l - is pronounced like the Eng. l in lord; as, logai - to mix : lokob - to pour :
m - is pronounced like the Eng. m moiture, as, mohor - form, shape, pattern : molai - to flower as mango :
n - is pronounced like the Eng. n in nod; as, nongou - yes, true : nongkai - false, untrue :
p - is pronounced like the Eng. p in poll; It is also used as double consonant e.g. pse; as sapse - how many persons ? : gangpse - how many cloths ? :
r - is pronounced like the Eng. r in rocks, but the pronunciation is less aspirated than English r; as, rao - voice, language : rohai - to wither :
s - is pronounced like the Eng. s in soft; as, sobai - pulse : solo - story :
t - is pronounced like the Eng. t in top; as, togai - to cheat, to deceive : tofla - packet :
y - is pronounced like the Eng. y in boy, as, goy - betel-nut : kobay - creel :

The remaining letters of the English alphabet c, q, v, x and z are also used in language for loan words.

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